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Aspromonte: in the footsteps of Edward Lear


Equipped with backpacks, tends, and with the collaboration of two kind donkeys (Gisella and Martina) a group of hikers explores the Aspromonte following the steps of Edward Lear, an English landscape painter that in the nineteenth century travelled throughout Southern Italy. Our trip focuses on the Aspromonte, the last mountain of the Apennine, known for its wild and bare landscapes and for its secluded places. Yet, this original itinerary will reveal to the hikers fascinating landscapes, mountain villages hiding enchanting pieces of art, waterfalls, huge monoliths, but also ghost towns, ancient traditions and religious pilgrimages.


Title: Aspromonte: in the footsteps of Edward Lear
Directed by: Roberta Cortella, Marco Leopardi


Travel, adventure


Directed by: Roberta Cortella, Marco Leopardi
Produced by: Diego D'Innocenzo
Cinematographer: Marco Leopardi, Marco Pasquini
Screenplay: Roberta Cortella
Screenwriter: Roberta Cortella
Editor: Chiera Ronchini
Sound Designer: Mauro Calanca
Music: Rosario Di Bella
Graphic design: Luigi Cammuca, Chiara Ronchini, Roberta Cortella

Production: TERRA S.r.l.
Broadcaster: RAI TRE (Italia)
Distributed by: TERRA S.r.l.
Run time: 25
Format: DVCam
Release date: 2000
Language: Italian

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