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Flying like a bird


Filippo and his girlfriend reach the Great Plain of Castelluccio, in Umbria, one of the most beautiful and admired natural scenes in Italy. Filippo is an ornithologist and he is afraid of flying. Yet he wish to learn flying on a para-glide and watch the world from above like a bird.
This is the place where Claudio Papa, an experienced flying instructor, will give Filippo the first flying lessons. Step by step, day after day, Filippo leaves gradually the ground and becomes familiar with the para-glider.
Filippo and his girlfriend explore the area of Castelluccio di Norcia, a small town located in the Mount Sibillini National Park, and the surrounding area. The borgo is located atop a hill in the middle of a plateau in front of the Mount Vettore. They enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and traditional flavours that are an integral part of this area.
It's early July, the period of the called "Fiorita" (the flowering) when the flowers bloom the plateau bursting with colors, with shades ranging from yellow ocher to red, from violet to white.
After taking a walk in this natural mosaic Filippo will finally be able to twirl like a bird in the sky and see this amazing and colorful natural landscape from above.


Title: Flying like a bird
Directed by: Marco Leopardi

Nature, environment
Travel, adventure

Log line:
An ornithologists wants to learn flying. In the Plain of Castelluccio, in Umbria, he will learn para-gliding and twirling in the sky like a bird.


Directed by: Marco Leopardi
Produced by: Diego D'Innocenzo
Cinematographer: Marco Leopardi
Screenplay: Marco Leopardi
Screenwriter: Marco Leopardi
Editor: Stefano Fiore
Music: Umberto Sangiovanni

Production: TERRA S.r.l.
Broadcaster: RAI TRE (Italia)
Distributed by: Terra S.r.l.
Run time: 24
Format: DVCam
Release date: 2004
Language: Italian

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