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The Right Path

ragazzo cammina



Title: The Right Path
Directed by: Roberta Cortella, Marco Leopardi


Human stories
Travel, adventure

Log line:
Two juvenile offenders, a great challenge. A 4 month walking trip from Belgium to Spain, 2.500 km on foot to reach Santiago de Compostela and to gain freedom back. From delinquents to pilgrims, from a window-shaped world seen from behind the bars to the boundless perspectives of a physical and inner path that will leave its mark in their lives


Winner Religion Today 2010 Trento Film Festival 2010
Nomination Torbole Film Festival 2010
Nomination Babel Film Festival (Cagliari) 2010
Selected at Estate Doc Emilia Romagna 2010
Selected at Monte Analogo (Trieste) 2010
Selected at Detour Film Festival (Trevignano Romano) 2010
Cinema screening at Nuovo Cinema Aquila (Rome) 2011

Directed by: Roberta Cortella, Marco Leopardi
Produced by: Diego D'Innocenzo
Cinematographer: Marco Leopardi, Marco Pasquini
Screenplay: Roberta Cortella, Marco Leopardi
Editor: Chiara Ronchini
Sound Designer: Mauro Calanca
Music: Rosario di Bella
Graphic design: Chiara Ronchini, Luigi Cammuca, Roberta Cortella

Production: TERRA S.r.l.
Broadcaster: RAI 3 (DOC TRE)
In collaboration with: Oikoten, Blurent, Gobierno de Asturias, Canon, Plein Air
Distributed by: TERRA s.r.l.
Run time: 52
Format: HD 16:9
Release date: 2011
Language: spagnolo, fiammingo
Subtitles: italiano, inglese

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