The Last Dance by Diego D'Innocenzo
Hair India by Marco Leopardi and Raffaele Brunetti


10 e 11 maggio 2014 - Trevignano Romano - Bracciano

I pianisti della Sierra Tarahumara

22 Febbraio 2013 - India

In India per raccontare il miele della giungla

Lunedì 19 Novembre - Pakistan

In Pakistan sulle tracce di Davenport

16 giugno 2012 ore 11.30 - RAI STORIA

L'Arte di Vivere

Company profile

TERRA is an independent production company based in Rome (Italy). It was founded by Diego D’Innocenzo and Marco Leopardi  as a consolidation of their long professional collaboration on documentary-making.

Their purpose was to put together their different skills, knowledge and experience in the audiovisuals field as they share the same philosophy that describing the world around us requires the needed combination of means, a constant dedication and a professional team committed in telling hooking and interesting stories to the society.